Innovation – R&D

In keeping with the needs of users and the expectations of decision-makers, Ceccli is also a driving force for the development of ever more precise passenger information and tools with high added value for operators and organizing authorities.
Innovation in the transportation sector is at the heart of our strategy. Our R & D department combines experienced and junior engineers to accelerate the emergence of relevant innovation projects adapted to new trends in mobility.

CECCLI has a computer and electronics laboratory dedicated to disruptive innovations in the field of transport.

Recognized research work

Ceccli is recognized for its work of innovation and research and development in the field of transport. The year 2017 brought a new technological leap towards diversity of passenger information and real-time monitoring tools optimized for network operations.
The Ceccli laboratory implements numerous projects in the IT and electronics fields, the results of which have marked the evolution of our solution for Operations Control & Real-Time Traveler Information: